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Access the Stations-e network and over 250 charging networks in France and Europe.


  • Bornes 22 AC and 24 DC: 0,36€/kWh TTC *
  • Bornes 50 DC: 0,39€/kWh TTC *
* All our rates are charged on the Stations-e terminals, except for roaming, as this depends on the tariff conditions of the other network operators. Please ask for information on this one to know the applied rate. In order to encourage the rotation of vehicles on our stations, we charge for the time of post charge parking after 15 minutes: AC stations: free of charge from 10pm to 8am - AC & DC charging stations up to and including 30kW: 0.05 €TTC/minute - AC & DC terminals from 30kW to 120kW included: 0.10 €TTC/minute.